Sandbox ABA Team


Rebecca M. Ryan

Rebecca M. Ryan, J.D., M.Ed, B.C.B.A

When a close family member was diagnosed with autism, Rebecca began to research the possibilities for a good prognosis. It took a while, but eventually she discovered ABA. With ABA she felt a promise of meaningful progress in changing the outlook of autism.

Having begun her career in economics, Rebecca soon found that she had a knack for ABA. She could understand autism and how ABA could positively change people’s lives. It was then that she decided to transition her skills into the ABA field. Influenced by her mentors, she learned how to go beyond conventional programming to assess and understand the individual child to be able create a program that fits his and her specific needs, interests, and sensitivities.

Rebecca believes being actively involved in the education and legislative communities can help inform the minds and persuade the hearts of those instrumental in providing services, training and funding for children with disabilities. She hopes to reach out to parents, teachers, children, administrators and legislators to promote the positive role ABA is playing for individuals with behavioral needs.

Rebecca lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two sons. She grew up in Houston, Texas and Alexandria, Virginia with her parents who she recalls as great influences - her Mom was a fighter, sticking up for those in need while her Dad was a dreamer who loved everything about life. Rebecca sees the world as an adventure and loves to travel. She enjoys reading, hiking, rock climbing, and learning. She measures success with every step to independence each student makes.


Sally Borella

Sally Borella, M, Ed., BCBA

Sally Borella is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Program Director at Sandbox ABA, where she currently supervises Applied Behavior Analysis programs for families in Austin and surrounding areas.

She completed her undergraduate degree in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Texas at Austin where she first learned about educating children with developmental disabilities.  She pursued her interest in having a profound impact on a child's life by becoming a Behavioral Therapist.  She then continued her education at Texas State University and earned a master's degree in Autism & Applied Behavioral Analysis with a 4.0 grade point average.

As a Behavioral Analyst, Sally has gained experience through the study and application of one-on-one interventions including Discrete Trial Training, Natural Environment Teaching, Theory of Mind, and Executive Functioning.  She also has a special interest in teaching social skills to adolescents with developmental disabilities.


Kindra Coleman-Boulware

Kindra Coleman-Boulware, M, Ed., BCBA

Kindra Coleman-Boulware is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Program Director at Sandbox ABA, where she currently supervises Applied Behavior Analysis programs for families in Austin and surrounding area.

Kindra is an Austin native and a graduate of UT Austin, where she received a BA in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Special Education.  Kindra has been working with young children for many years.  Starting her career as a Pre-K teacher, she found an interest in children with different needs and abilities.  Her passion for teaching and developmental learning led her pursue a graduate degree in developmental disabilities and become a certified Behavioral Therapist.  Kindra specializes in early intervention for autism spectrum disorders and social skills development for elementary aged children.

Kindra lives outside Austin with her husband and dogs.  She enjoys outdoor activities, motor sports, cooking, gardening, and spending time with friends and family.